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Hey guys! Starting this week I’ll be sticking to a posting schedule. This way you can see when your favorite content is going to be online. Mondays: The War Room + sometimes random gameplay “Tactical Tuesdays”: Wargame Red Dragon tactical gameplay + the occasional body language video “Warship Wednesdays”: World of Warships Thursday: XCOM2 Friday:…

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NORAD Air by Jaeger

Wargame Red Dragon – NORAD Airborne Deck Review by Jaeger

With the introduction of the NORAD coalition in Wargame Red Dragon there is a new major Airborne deck available: the joint Canadian-US deck. Definitely worth looking at!

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playing aggressive

Wargame Red Dragon – Playing Aggressive

In this Wargame Red Dragon gameplay I’m using a USSR Armor deck to push up and capture territory. Definitely a must since it’s a conquest game! Want to send me your deck? Do so here: Thanks for watching! Cheers, Stealth

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apache on the run

Wargame Red Dragon – Apache On The Run

Gameplay wise this Wargame Red Dragon match was crap. Fun factor wise it was high :). Short vid but hope you enjoy! Please Like & Subscribe if you enjoyed it! Cheers, Stealth

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youtubers united

Wargame Red Dragon – Youtubers United

Working with BoltSauce and TheFoxBox in this Wargame Red Dragon to quickly win over Wonsan Harbor. And I’m using a US Airborne decks of all things, but it worked out :). Check out TheFoxBox channel! And of course BoltSauce channel! Haven’t subscribed yet? Be sure to do so! Cheers, Stealth

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death from above

Wargame Red Dragon – Death From Above

Time to team up! In this Wargame Red Dragon vid I’m working with Gen_Incompetence and Fagoo, also known as TheFoxBox. We’re doing a 3v3 on Another D-Day in Paradise and I’m a NORAD Airborne deck. In this recording I’ve also included the Teamspeak chatter. Please let me know in the comments if you like hearing…

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scandi marines

Wargame Red Dragon – Scandinavian Marines by gabeMoneyT

When you’re talking about marines in Wargame Red Dragon the Scandinavian ones aren’t the ones that come to mind first, but let’s have a look if this deck is viable.

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What the hell

Wargame Red Dragon – What The Hell…?

Thought I’d seen just about everything in Wargame Red Dragon. Nope. This is new. Let me know if you’ve played a crazy game like this! If so, please send me the replay here: Cheers, Stealth

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Push to contact

Wargame Red Dragon – Push To Contact

In this awesome Conquest Wargame Red Dragon match Wingren013 is showing us how important it is to push to contact. Where most people just set up a defensive line and dig in he is pushing forward until he has something to fire at. Great game! Have a great game to send me? Do so here:…

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ussr mech by jjia

Wargame Red Dragon – USSR Mech Deck Review by Jjia

Jjia sent in his USSR Mechanized deck for review. It’s the first time he created a Wargame Red Dragon deck and he wants me to give him some points and hints. Here goes!

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