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Tactical retreat

Wargame Red Dragon – Tactical Retreat

In some Wargame Red Dragon situations you’re just overmatched. Sometimes it’s too many players, sometimes it’s a skill gap or you just picked the wrong deck. This is one of those games. I was forced to do a tactical retreat in this game, giving up more and more territory in order to hold my spawn…

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Eurocorp armor saints

Wargame Red Dragon – Eurocorp Deck Review by Saints

More Armor today! In this Wargame Red Dragon I’m looking at Saints’ Eurocorps Armored deck. The mission profile for this deck is 10v10 on Asgard. With some slight adjustments I should be able to make this deck work (for me).

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Slugging it out

Wargame Red Dragon – Slugging It Out

Sometimes you have games in Wargame Red Dragon where you just can’t advance. This is one of them. Renze sent me this gameplay after hearing my request for Armored replays and there is definitely a lot of tank action going on!

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red dragons mech

Wargame Red Dragon – Red Dragons Mechanized by NoMeansYes

Been ages since I reviewd a Red Dragons deck in Wargame Red Dragon. NoMeansYes sent me this Mechanized deck so let’s see what he picked and how he intends to use this deck.

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Airborne Fury

Wargame Red Dragon – Airborne Fury

This replay from Wargame Red Dragon is the first time I played in a coordinated 10v10. And it’s madness, I can tell you that much! I was using the Eurocorp Airborne deck in this gameplay. It felt like I didn’t really do anything as the other 9 players were mostly focussed on other areas of…

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euro airborne by Welsh101

Wargame Red Dragon – Eurocorp Airborne Deck by Welsh101

The Eurocorp Airborne has a lot more options than the UK Airborne deck for Wargame Red Dragon that I reviewed a couple days back. Let’s see how Welsh101 has set up this deck.

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redfor on the move

Wargame Red Dragon – REDFOR On The Move

In this Gjoll 10v10 Wargame Red Dragon match we’re having a look at the gameplay of VanGoth. He is using a USSR Mechanized deck to take control of the middle area of the map. But what happens when a large group of tanks shows up there? Looking for an Armored deck replay! Please send it…

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UK Low point Briggadoon

Wargame Red Dragon – UK Low Point Deck by Briggadoon

Low Point Tactical games in Wargame Red Dragon require some slight adjustments to decks. Higher veterancy is more important in these decks as you get less points to buy units. Let’s see how I can improve Briggadoon’s UK general deck to make it perform better. Deck code if you want to play with this deck:…

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heard you like the b5

Wargame Red Dragon – Heard You Like The B5…

Don’t like cheesy tactics in Wargame Red Dragon? Don’t watch this video! This gameplay is from the stream that I did a few days ago with TheFalo, BaronVonBoyce and GreenEMu. The longer the stream lasts the more silly the actions become. So, let’s bring in 12 B5s shall we? Have a great/silly/awesome/incredible replay? Send it…

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NATO general

Wargame Red Dragon – General NATO by Jimmyisback

Almost everybody in Wargame Red Dragon uses national decks or coalition deck. That’s why it’s interesting to have a look at a general NATO deck and see if they’re still viable. Personally I won’t be using this deck because it only has 50 activation points. It has all the bases covered but you don’t get…

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