spreading myself too thin

Wargame Red Dragon – 10v10 Tactical – Spreading myself too thin

In this Red Dragon gameplay vid I want to show you the importance of not spreading yourself too thin. If you have units all over the battlefield, like I do in this battle you’re not going to be really effective. The problem I had in this game is that the middle was open and there…

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2v2 polish

Wargame Red Dragon – 2v2 Polish deck

Did another 2v2 Wargame Red Dragon gameplay. I decided to dust off my Polish deck so I’m using the Polish forces to crush the French and American armies which oppose me! Stuff I could have done better: – Turn off weapons on recon… Same old same old – Get a bit more recon in the…

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why did he get his ass kicked

Wargame Red Dragon – Why did he get his ass kicked?

This Wargame Red Dragon video is not a showcase of “look at how badass I am”. I wanted to show you this gameplay so that you can learn from the mistakes which were made (those by JoYo and by me). It highlights the imporantance of recon and the devastating force of SEAD planes.

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