Sir Spamsalot

Wargame Red Dragon – Sir SpamsALot

This is one of the weirdest Wargame Red Dragon replays that I’ve commented on. Waves upon waves of units are crashing into Saints’ forces and getting wiped very quickly. What the hell is going on…? Want to send me your replay? Do so here: Liked this (weird) vid? Please hit Like! Need your daily…

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west germany mech

Wargame Red Dragon – West German Mechanized by Vensalir

A West Germany Mechanized Deck is a force to be reckoned with in Wargame Red Dragon. Vensalir sent me this deck with the request to improve it. Mission profile: 2v2 to 4v4 with operations in and around forests. Ok, let’s have a look. Deck code if you want to use the deck: HpAhs9sTZ5jWWKRsr0jRHpHMy1ghrrCztIytIxgkcSNRnI8jLZd5S8bgWIjEhbyjwx0dcMfI80WY1UsgUER3GjSwJZBHojzbHOHnDzKI Want me…

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here comes the flood

Wargame Red Dragon – Here comes the flood

What do you do in Wargame Red Dragon when you have a very high income game and high starting points? You flood the battlefield with unit! That’s exactly what happened in this game. The end of the game deserves special mention as 50 REDFOR tanks lemmingtrain across the map… Deck code for this deck: BvAdwTB5yVSlkhzHQGATiVOxqmdaCcwxczU7LKtlDiopTyWaU9MmisRdJjcx1I2OmklknyXVL+K/F1GSjRBQEqiU4dnA…

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ussr general jimmy

Wargame Red Dragon – Deck Review – USSR General by Jimmyisback

Jimmyisback sent in his USSR General deck from Wargame Red Dragon. Let’s have a look at it and see how we can improve it. Mission profile for this deck: 10v10s and pushing onto the enemy to force a breach in their lines. Any improvements which I overlooked? Please let me know in a comment. Here’s…

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merry christmas

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone! This year in Wargame Red Dragon style ;). Hope you have a good time, no matter if you believe/celebrate Christmas. Music: Let it Snow by Dean Martin Cheers, Stealth

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Wargame Red Dragon – Deck Review – French Marines by Elfwyn

This French Marines deck from Wargame Red Dragon was sent to me by Elfwyn. It’s a very well thoughout deck that is focussed on early pushes and quick landgrabs, particularly aiming at reinforcement zones.

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Wargame Red Dragon – Burgers on the barbecue with Mr Slay

Strange title for a video you say? Well, just see what happens at 25:00 and you’ll get it ;). In this Wargame Red Dragon replay Mr Slay is fighting on Nuclear winter is coming and we get to see the B-5 bomber in action. Do you have a great title for a replay? Please let…

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Wargame Red Dragon – Deck Review – USSR Motorized – Hardlycriket

This Wargame Red Dragon deck was sent to me by Hardlycriket. He wants to use this USSR Motorized deck in 10v10 games or low point tactical games. Let’s have a look at the deck and see what can be changed or improved upon to make it more effective.

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SAS behind enemy lines

Wargame Red Dragon – SAS Behind Enemy Lines

The SAS can be some very nasty infantry in Wargame Red Dragon. This is something that Butler shows us in this replay. He does some excellent commando operations with these guys. He even manages to commandeer some supplies from the enemy to resupply the SAS behind enemy lines :). Want to send me your replay?…

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eastern deck general

Wargame Red Dragon – Deck Review – Eastern block general by Tom

In this deck review I’m taking a look at an Eastern block general deck in Wargame Red Dragon. Tom sent me this deck which has the mission profile of defending and having artillery do the damage in 2v2, 3v3 and 4v4 games. Have anything you would do differently? Let me know in the comments Use…

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