learning from the best

Wargame Red Dragon – Learning from the best

In this Wargame Red Dragon replay we’re following FuturePro. His team is doing a 3v3. It’s a game of very skilled players, so very few (if any) mistakes are mady. Learning from the best! Let me know what you thought of this replay in the comments below! Please Like & Share the video. I’m still…

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west german armor

Wargame Red Dragon – Deck Review – West German Armored

I received this Wargame Red Dragon deck through my “send me your deck” page but I have no idea who it’s from. Let’s have a look at it anyway. How can we improve this West German armored deck? Mission profile :10v10, but type and map unknown (Wasn’t stated). Want to use this deck? Use this…

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canadians own the high ground

Wargame Red Dragon – Canadians own the high ground

You don’t see them very often, the Canadian Motorized decks in Wargame Red Dragon. BaronvonBoyce shows us that although they lack some capabilities in some areas they are still very capable.

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pushing up

Wargame Red Dragon – Pushing up

Ok, you’ve secured your first zones in Wargame Red Dragon. How do you advance beyond that? How do you push up? That’s what this video is about. In this gameplay we’re looking at Imperator’s gameplay and how we could help him improve his game further. If you have any tips for him please leave a…

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Wargame Red Dragon – Deck Review – Commonwealth General by Deathcharge

This Commonwealth deck in Wargame Red Dragon is geared towards 2v2 and 3v3 battles on the Another D-Day in Paradise map. Deathcharge asked me to take a look at it to see what I would change about this deck to make it even more effective. What are your thoughts about this deck? What would you…

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map changes

Wargame Red Dragon – DLC3 Beta – Map changes

Some of the maps in Wargame Red Dragon have undergone some changes due to DLC3. Let’s have a look at these maps to show what has been changed. Keep in mind that it’s still a beta so things can still change. Let me know what you think of the changes in the comments! Like &…

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Wargame Red Dragon – DLC3 Beta – New Norwegian Units

Norway was in need of an overhaul and DLC3 for Wargame Red Dragon did just that. Let’s have a look at these new units and see if (how) they complement the existing units. As it’s a beta specs will probably change so keep that in mind. Want more vids on DLC3? Check out the playlist:…

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Wargame Red Dragon – DLC3 Beta – New Danish units

With DLC3 for Wargame Red Dragon a few holes in the Danish forces have been patched. You now get more ASFs, better ATGMs and even more capable fighters. As always: this is a beta release so a lot may/will change. Keep that in mind! Liked this vid? Please hit Like! Want more? Subscribe! Please share…

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Wargame Red Dragon – DLC3 Beta – New Swedish Units

The 3rd DLC for Wargame Red Dragon is now in beta, but we can still have a look at the new units that Sweden received. Keep in mind that it’s a beta, so specs can (and will) change for some units. When the real DLC arrives I’ll be a doing a vid like this again…

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Wargame Red Dragon – Deck Review – Scandinavian Mechanized by Janneman77

The combined Scandinavian countries in Wargame Red Dragon can muster A LOT of IFVs if they want to. That’s exactly what this mechanized deck highlights. See any other ways to improve this deck? Please leave your tips & tricks in the comments below Please Like and Share this vid! Cheers, Stealth

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