Stealth17 & Spect96



  1. Organisation

1.1.1 The organization of the tournament will be set at the start of the tournament which will take place starting on Monday 8th of February.

1.1.2 There will be a limit of 24 teams in the Qualifiers.

1.2 The top 8 teams will then compete in a “double elimination” style tournament.

1.3 The organizer may extend or delay any timeframes mentioned below.

1.4 A Challonge bracket will be used for organization located here:

1.6 A steam group will be used as a centralized point of information:

1.7 To guarantee that the Steam Group does not become chaotic, all Team Leaders will be receiving a Steam friend request and group invite from Stealth17.

1.8 The organizers, Stealth17 and Spect96, reserve the right to amend the rules of the competition in order to ensure its successful and fair completion.

1.9 By participating in the tournament, you agree to abide by all the rules stated here, as well as the rules of your municipality, state, or government that pertain to such online activities.


  1. Team Registration

2.1 Registration will be open from Feb 1st 2016 and ends on Feb 5th 2016

2.2 In your registration survey, you must list 3 players.

2.3 Each player is restricted to playing under a single in-game “Nickname” and its associated Steam ID. This Nickname must correspond to the name given in the registration.

2.4 Players may only be registered with one team, and you may only register players who have agreed to play as part of your team.

2.5 The leader from every team must accept the invite to the tournament Steam group, which will appear as:

2.6  All members of every team are encourage to join, and may send a request for an invitation to either Stealth17 or Spect96.

2.7 Registration is done by sending an email to and will include the following:

  • Team name
  • Teamleader name
  • Member 2
  • Member 3
  • Subsidiary 1 (in case one of the players can’t make it)
  1. Check-in and Scheduling

3.1.1 It is the responsibility of each team leader to organize their games.

3.1.2 To schedule a match, both participant team leaders must acknowledge the match.

3.1.3 It is recommended that each team leader take a screenshot of the agreed upon time. Recommended tool: to set times for matches.

3.1.4 Either team leader must notify the other of their need to reschedule with an excess of 6 hours notice.

3.1.5 If a team does not show within 30 minutes of the agreed upon start, a win will be rewarded to the team that showed up with sufficient evidence. The team that shows up may allow a rescheduled game.

3.2.1 Each team must play a minimum of 3 matches per tournament week. Failure to meet this quota will slow the progression of the tournament. If a team fails to meet this requirement, the organizers reserve the right to expel that team from the competition.

3.2.2 Teams are encouraged to play more matches if scheduling allows, and are not restricted by a maximum number of matches per tournament week.

3.3 Any team that misses their minimum of 3 games will be considered on probation and may be removed from the tournament if they don’t catch up the following week.

  1. Playing a Match

4.1.1 The settings are 3000 starting points, 40 minute time limit and 500 points to achieve.

4.1.2 The team listed on the top of the match in the Challonge bracket (hereafter referred to as the “hosting team”) will host the game lobby.

4.1.3 The team listed on the bottom of the match in the Challonge bracket (hereafter referred to as the “visiting team”) will join the lobby and declare their faction (NATO or PACT).

4.1.4 After the visitors have declared their faction, the host will declare theirs (NATO or PACT) and set the “Opposition” setting accordingly.

4.1.5 Once factions have been chosen, they may not be changed.

4.2 The game mode will be Conquest.

4.3 Next, the battlefield will be chosen by the veto system, starting with the hosting team. The teams will alternate until one map remains.

4.4.1 Eligible maps are as follows:

  • Paddy Fields
  • Tough Jungle
  • Apocalypse Imminent
  • Hop and Glory
  • Chosin Reservoir
  • Jungle Law
  • Gunboat Diplomacy
  • Bloody Ridge
  • 38th Parallel
  • 38th Perpendicular
  • Cliff Hanger
  • Another D-Day in Paradise
  • Highway to Seoul
  • Wrecks and Rocks

4.4.2 No maps will have Naval spawns.

4.5.1 Before the game is launched both teams are responsible for double checking to ensure all the settings (agreed upon by the veto system) are correct. Teams that suspect foul play are encouraged to screenshot or recording the lobby in order to provide chat logs of the veto process. If foul play is suspected, contact the organizers, Stealth17 or Spect96, and it will be handled on a case by case basis in a timely manner.

4.5.2 A game played with the wrong settings is invalid and has to be replayed immediately upon detection of the mistake. An exception to this rule: If a mistake is not detected by 18:00 UTC Monday of the following week, and the results have already been posted, it will be considered valid as it will be assumed to be an honest mistake of both parties involved. If foul play is suspected, contact the organizers.

4.6.1 To start the game, all players must select ready to begin the automatic count down.

4.6.2 Teams will make every attempt to be ready for their match as quickly as possible. Excessive delays may result in a disqualification and will be handled on a case by case basis.

4.6.3 The match is considered to have started once all players have loaded into the game.

4.7.1 The winning team is responsible for uploading the replay to a file hosting site of their choice (preferably Steam), and must post a link to a downloadable version of the replay in the Steam group under the discussion topic Tournament Results with the following details:

  • Team names
  • Which team won
  • A screenshot of the final results.

These replays are not to be altered in any way from their original state. Fraud will result in immediate expulsion from the tournament.

4.7.2 In the event of a draw, the team who hosted is responsible for reporting the results in the same manner as outlined in 4.7.

4.8.1 In the Double Elimination stage of the tournament, the group to start vetoing will switch from the first to the second match.

4.8.2 Should a third match need to be played, the team that is lower bracketed at the end of the Qualifier will commence the veto vote.

4.8.3 The final set will have the third match map veto vote started by the team from the lower bracket.

4.9 In an effort to limit the abuse of game mechanics, no more than 50% of the team’s starting points may be used to purchase helicopters (excluding any infantry borne by helicopters [though the transports themselves contribute to the aforementioned 50%]). This rule seeks to limit the potency of “Helo Cheese,” or by winning with unsportsmanlike tactics.

4.10 Teams are responsible for their own means of communication.


  1. Forfeits, Disconnects, and Re-Starts

5.1 If some team members drop from the match for any reason, the team with the most remaining members has the option to offer a re-start, otherwise the game continues as normal.

5.2 If all members of a team drop from the match for any reason, the team with remaining members has the option to offer a restart, otherwise the dropped team will be considered forfeit and lose the match.

5.3 In the event of a re-host, due to connection issues or incorrect game settings as outlined in “4. Playing a Match” all participants are expected to play the match immediately and without watching the replay of the aborted match to gain any unfair advantage. If this situation arises, it is advised that teams do not utilize the same initial deployments, as this rule can only be enforced by the honor system.